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     Special Situations

Alta Capital's Special Situations Group seeks to create value by providing attractive returns through the acquisition and active management of under-performing companies including undervalued senior debt and junior debt and equity investments in stressed, distressed, and defaulted situations.

This group invests in companies with strong business fundamentals whose balance sheets are in poor health. More specific focus-company characteristics include:

  • Poor acquisitions investments
  • Uncontrolled expansion
  • Gridlock between management, banks and shareholders
  • Miscalculated major order(s)
  • Management errors
  • Delayed portfolio restructuring
  • Slow down in industry-specific boom
  • One-off slump in a single product
This group will NOT invest in companies with any of the following characteristics:

  • Product quality problems
  • Outdated product or technology
  • Outdated production
  • Poor workforce, aging workforce
  • High customer concentration
  • Competition from cheap labor
  • Product substitution
  • Slump in core product or market
  • Unfavorable regulatory changes

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